Mobility impaired passengers

A mobility impaired person is one whose mobility is limited due to any physical incapacity (sensorial or locomotor), deterioration of intellectual facilities or for any other cause of incapacity, using a means of transport and whose situation requires special care and the adapting of the services made available to all passengers to the needs of this person.

For reasons of safety in the event of evacuation and emergency, aeronautical rules limit the number of mobility impaired persons that can travel in an aircraft or, in certain conditions, require that they be accompanied. The reservation must be made beforehand and the airline must be informed.

Basic rules for the mobility impaired persons

The airlines, airports and service agents related to both are responsible for attending to the needs of the mobility impaired persons. It is also the responsibility of mobility impaired persons to specify their needs through suitable channels when making the reservation.

BINTER CABO VERDE will provide the necessary information so that the mobility impaired persons can plan and make their journeys.

BINTER CABO VERDE will provide its staff with the necessary training to understand and meet the requirements of the mobility impaired persons.

BINTER CABO VERDE will not refuse a mobility impaired person except when he or she cannot be carried without danger or cannot be accommodated physically. When companies refuse to carry a mobility impaired person, they must clearly and explicitly explain the reasons for the refusal.

When mobility impaired persons declare that they can look after themselves (self-sufficient and capable of meeting all their physical needs during the flight independently, as well as being able to understand and follow the crew’s instructions), the airline may require the client to sign a liability waiver to justify the declaration.

BINTER CABO VERDE will have no obligation to provide assistance for a mobility impaired person who contravenes the sanitary, hygienic or safety requirements.

Mobility impaired persons enjoy equal rights for options for seat assignments within the limits of safety requirements. Binter Canarias will clearly and explicitly explain the reasons for not assigning a specific seat when the request does not meet safety requirements.

If a mobility impaired person travels with a guide dog, this will be carried in the passenger cabin in accordance with the airline’s regulations. The guide dog will not be included in the count of animals in the cabin and no payment will be required for it.

Neither will mobility impaired persons be charged for carrying the basic objects that facilitate their mobility nor for other essential auxiliary elements in the case of discapacity.

BINTER CABO VERDE will take all the reasonably possible measures to prevent the loss or deterioration of the objects that facilitate the mobility or other auxiliary elements in the cases of discapacity. When this loss or deterioration occurs, Binter Canarias will undertake the appropriate procedures to satisfy the immediate individual needs for mobility accredited for the passenger.


Aeronautical regulations limit the number of these passengers according to the size of the aircraft and the level of service requested.

We advise that where possible, the reservation be made seven days beforehand and at most 48 hours before travelling. This will ensure that the necessary assistance is available and that all needs will be attended during the airport processes and during the journey.

If the degree of mobility is such that the passenger cannot board by his or her own means, this must be informed when making the reservation to provide the necessary assistance, guaranteeing the passenger’s movements in the best conditions of safety and comfort.

For movement in a wheelchair owned by the passenger, this should be informed when making a reservation. If the wheelchair is operated mechanically, ensure that the battery accumulator is disconnected and its terminals are insulated, following the instructions given by the staff in the airport.

For groups, we recommend that the reservation be made one month beforehand to provide sufficient time for handling the request in case special authorization is required from the Civil Aviation General Directorate.

When making the reservation, describe the mobility impaired person’s needs for travelling so these can be included in his or her reservation.

If the mobility impaired person cannot travel, please report the cancellation as soon as possible so that another mobility impaired person can occupy the seat.